LGBTQ+ CSDSA Promotes Anti-Discrimination Petition on Conversations in Speech Pathology Podcast

This month, LGBTQ+ CSDSA Chair Dr. Charles Lenell (they/them) was featured on the Conversations in Speech Pathology Podcast to discuss the need for transparency from academic institutions that participate in anti-LGBTQ+ practices and hold Title IX exceptions. Dr. Charles Lenell and host Jeff Stepen examine the role of the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA), the…

LGBTQ+ CSDSA Shares Action Steps for Trans Youth on the National NSSLHA Blog

This month, LGBTQ+ CSDSA President Connor Mahon (he/they) was featured in the National NSSLHA Blog. Their article, titled Advocacy in Action: How to Support Transgender People in Your State, shares why SLPs and SLP students can be strong advocates for the rights of transgender and gender diverse people, and ways to advocate at the state,…

LGBTQ+ CSDSA in the ASHA Leader

Last month, LGBTQ+ CSDSA Chair, Dr. Charles Lenell (they/them), and L’GASP Chair, Dr. Gregory Robinson (they/them) were published in the ASHA Leader. They discuss how Communication Sciences and Disorders programs can support LGBTQ+ students. Read their recommendations for creating a safe education environment for future LGBTQ+ clinicians in the ASHA Leader, available online.

LGBTQ+ CSDSA Announced as “Honors of NSSLHA” Awardee

The LGBTQ+ CSD Student Association was recently awarded the Honors of NSSLHA. This award recognizes an organization or individual that has made significant contributions to the discipline of Communication Sciences and Disorders and National NSSLHA through their work with students. “Through my work with L’GASP, I have had the pleasure of working with founding members…

LGBTQ+ CSDSA on The Buckeye Flame

The Buckeye Flame, which covers LGBTQ+ news and stories in Ohio, published a feature on LGBTQ+CSDSA Vice President Connor Mahon. Mahon, who is a senior at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio, talked about the importance of a support network and diversifying the field of communication sciences and disorders. Read it here.

LGBTQ+ CSDSA Launches Mentorship Program

This month, the LGBTQ+ CSDSA launched its mentorship program, to connect LGBTQ+ students and clinicians. Mentorship is a key component of academic and professional success, but many students lack access to mentors who are knowledgeable about the LGBTQ+ professional experience. Developed and coordinated by Mentorship Student Chair Lindsay Stefferson, the mentorship program aims to close…

LGBTQ+ CSDSA on the National NSSLHA Blog

In June, 2021, to accompany the launch of our internet presence, LGBTQ+ CSDSA Vice President Connor Mahon wrote an article for the National NSSLHA Blog on finding L’GASP, the importance of community, the history of LGBTQ+ people in CSD, and the need for an organization representing the interests of LGBTQ+ students. Read it here.

LGBTQ+ CSDSA on The Queer SLP Podcast

In November 2021, LGBTQ+ CSDSA Vice President Connor Mahon spoke with Hector Miguel and Natalie White, hosts of The Queer SLP podcast on being a student advocate, applying for graduate school, and the founding of the LGBTQ+ CSD Student Association. Listen below: