The LGBTQ+ CSDSA’s mission has three components:

Cultivate community for LGBTQ+ CSD Students

We cultivate a supportive, collaborative, and welcoming environment for creating enduring bonds and sharing lived experiences with your fellow LGBTQ+ CSD students—on the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels—and allies. To support shared interests and common goals, we also host smaller affinity groups, each united under a specific identity and/or area of interest.

Advocate for and advance the interests of LGBTQ+ CSD students

Beyond community building, we acknowledge the need for progress in terms of inclusion and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ individuals in the field of CSD as well as society. Expediting the arrival of a safer, more understanding world, we seek to advocate for your needs in academic and clinical matters.

Provide support services for LGBTQ+ CSD students

We offer growing academic and professional support services, including a mentorship program that pairs student mentees with LGBTQ+ clinicians. We also plan to curate and disseminate accurate, timely information ranging from LGBTQ+ friendliness ratings of campuses to educational, anti-discrimination resources covering issues affecting our community and marginalized populations.