Affinity groups are small groups centered around a particular interest or identity that meet outside of our general membership meetings.

Launch an Affinity Group

If interest is sufficient, affinity groups may be formed and meet on a basis determined by the affinity groups themselves.

Affinity groups can be created based on a shared location (e.g., a school or city), a shared interest (e.g., clinical interests), a shared cultural background, or anything else!

Each groups will be coordinated by a self-elected chair, who collaborates with our Affinity Group Coordinator, Communications Chair, and other national officers to advertise meetings and recruit members.

If you are interested in starting a new affinity group, contact our Affinity Group Coordinator Chloe!

International Student Affinity Group

Are you an international student in CSD and LGBTQ+? Do you often wish there was a community who understands the struggles that come with your identity firsthand? Do you wonder where you can find resources relevant to you and unconditional support? Look no further! LGBTQ+ CSDSA hears you and has your back.

If you are interested in joining our international student affinity group, contact Ray Chen.