This month, LGBTQ+ CSDSA President Connor Mahon (he/they) was featured in the National NSSLHA Blog. Their article, titled Advocacy in Action: How to Support Transgender People in Your State, shares why SLPs and SLP students can be strong advocates for the rights of transgender and gender diverse people, and ways to advocate at the state, local, and institutional levels.

In the post, Connor shares his experience with transgender and gender diverse youthm and the impact that being a good advocate can have:

“I witnessed the transformational effect of a gender-affirming environment firsthand as co-director of a summer camp for TGD youth this past year. I incorporated my background as a speech-language pathology student and led educational discussions about vocal development and voice training options. The experience confirmed what the research tells us: When given the appropriate opportunities, resources, and support, TGD youth will thrive.”

Connor Mahon, National NSSLHA Blog

Read more about how you can be an advocate for transgender and gender diverse people in your state on the National NSSLHA Blog.

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