The LGBTQ+ CSD Student Association was recently awarded the Honors of NSSLHA. This award recognizes an organization or individual that has made significant contributions to the discipline of Communication Sciences and Disorders and National NSSLHA through their work with students.

“Through my work with L’GASP, I have had the pleasure of working with founding members of CSDSA,” said Dr. Jeff Conn, professor at Portland State University, in a letter of support for the organization.

“In its short time in existence, it has already connected students on a national level with ASHA through L’GASP. This tremendous collaboration has already brought student perspectives to the table at ASHA, which is vital for ASHA to continue to evolve and grow.”

It is not new information that LGBTQIA+ people face barriers and obstacles throughout professional and academic institutions,” they continued. “Additionally, many CSD/SPHR students have reported feeling isolated and like they’re the only LGBTQIA+ student in the department/program […] I am filled with love, pride, and relief that CSDSA has emerged to support our LGBTQIA+ students and future clinicians. 

With an ever-growing history of collaboration with NSSLHA at the national and local level, the LGBTQ+ CSDSA is grateful for the recognition and excited to continue working towards our shared goals of supporting and uplifting CSD students.

Learn more about the Honors of NSSLHA and see past recipients here.

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